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“I don’t teach, I transform.”

Monique Wells is an award winning educator and teacher of the year nominee. A leading authority on education reform. A  transformational leader, a visionary, and an advocate for change. She is an international humanitarian who has been called to serve underrepresented schools, communities and families globally.

A powerful and award-winning educator for more than 30 years, Wells has become a fierce parent supporter, expert on school reform, impactful philanthropist and influential teacher of the year nominee.

As a change agent, Wells also partners with superintendents, mid-level management, principals and educators throughout public, private and charter schools to champion for school reformation and assist hands-on with student achievement and parent engagement. Through her work, she has successfully raised test scores for over two decades for scholars at some of the lowest academic levels ranging in grades pre-K to 12th grade.

Expanding her outreach, Wells founded the RESTART Educational Foundation an international organization that helps strengthen and transform socio-economically depressed communities around the world. RESTART’s mission is “Serving to Effectuate Generational Change” for underserved children. Through the foundation’s guidance, school officials can learn how to empower parents as well as implement engaging curriculum and data-driven instruction to not only raise student achievement, but also impact a generational trajectory for the entire family.
Additionally, she founded The Monique Wells Foundation, a not-for-profit that seeks to relieve the financial burden of higher education. One hundred percent of the donations to the charity are directed straight to parents.

A highly sought after education consultant, Wells is also an inspirational speaker who created THE WELLS STANDARD Framework that has proven results with a nuanced distinction between teaching and transforming. She shares how her experience and thoughtful work has effectively raised test scores for English as a Second Language (ESL), special education (SPED), and general education scholars by two and three grade levels annually.

Dr. Wells is in the process of authoring instructional books based on her expertise in the educational field that will help disenfranchised communities close the academic achievement gap in one year. Wells’ goal is to create generational change and opportunity for over one million scholars in impoverished communities to successfully matriculate into a college, trade school or entrepreneurship program.

Her call to serve underserved communities where rampant poverty exists is evident. When others see deficiencies Wells sees the light, hope, dreams, life, and untapped potential in communities globally waiting for someone to ‘RESTART’ their passion, purpose, promise, and possibility.

Monique Wells works with LEA’s, educational institutions, and families in the states and abroad.