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Serial Philanthropist
Founder & Chief Academic Officer of The RESTART Educational Foundation
CEO of The Monique Wells Foundation
CEO of Pivot and RESTART

“We ought not to seek greatness; we ought to seek to serve and when we seek to serve we will bump into greatness along the way.”

Rev. Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays

I want to say that I'm extremely thankful for this opportunity to get started on the right foot when I'm heading off to college and I feel like Ms. Wells and absolutely outstanding member of our community giving this opportunity to students that might not have had the same opportunity and I'm just really happy that she's going to be there to support us throughout our college experience and services. A great example for what it means to be for the community and be present for your community and to help the other that need assistance.

Dr. Wells is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about urban education. She's engaging and made the material and process relatable. It's a lot of work on the front end but her framework worked and we hit measurable goals on the standardized tests that we had failed to reach for years. A much needed confidence boost.

Dr. Wells' class was one of the best I've taken. She's very dynamic but does give a lot of material especially with the real life cases studies. She gives a cogent perspective on closing the achievement gap. Her methodologies actually worked my students scored high on the standardized test. She responds relatively quickly will be taking her again.

Professor Wells is awesome. There is a lot to learn and the class is difficult. Don't fall behind because the work will pile up quickly. She's also accessible outside of class to help your students raise their standardized test scores and turn our school around for the better.

I've taken the Principal and Superintendent courses with Professor Wells and passed both exams. Her classes are really organized and well run. She pushes you but it's worth it when your students score well on the standardized tests. It was very challenging but the outcomes are visible. Will definitely be taking again.

Professor Wells hands down has to be one of the best top educators in the world. So glad I took her class. My students did very well once I put into action everything she taught. No one else could have closed the enormous achievement gap my students had. The class environment was stimulating and challenging with a lot of work but, well worth it!

An extremely difficult class but Professor Wells was really incredible. You will learn a great deal about strategy and systems and how to get your students on grade level. I will definitely be taking all the rest of her classes again. Really worth it and saw immediate improvement with my students comprehension and their test scores.

She's a good professor and very knowledgeable about how to turn a school district around. You will learn a lot. This class was really tough because of the amount of work you have to do. I passed and will take her Superintendent's class. Read all the case studies and be prepared it will help you in the class.

She is simply amazing! Our school team implemented everything she told us and our standardized test scores soared tremendously; all in less than a year. The results were far better than what my Vice Principal and I expected. Her Superintendent's class was thought-provoking and made you do the work and think critically about being a School Leader.

I had no idea that the Principals Leadership class would be so interesting! Prof. Wells really is possibly the best professor to teach this class. Her case study method and her caring about each student passing the SLLA test really separates her from her peers. Get ready to read and write or you won't pass, she's tough but fair.